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v      Project management and team leadership

v      Object-Oriented Analysis & Design and Mentoring

v      Development in C#, C/C++ MFC, VisualBASIC, Intel and Motorola Assembler

v      Database Design and Programming with SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access, MySQL and ODBC

v      Porting between DOS, Windows, MacIntosh and UNIX and embedded platforms

v      Real-time Embedded Platforms

       Built in test

       Real-time Control


       Data Acquisition

       Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

       Image Processing

v      Serial and Network Protocols

v      Device Drivers and Firmware



Custom Microprocessor Software Systems, Inc. (1991 - Present)

Founded CMSS as a Software Engineering consultancy and VAR. In 1994 CMSS added ISP and hosting services. CMSS focused on the biotech, network, database and embedded projects working on fixed-bid and time-and-materials basis.

Served as a key contributor, team leader and project manager and technical communicator. Project experience is varied and has ranged from real-time multi-threaded and embedded software to sophisticated user interfaces including Web, GUI and command line interfaces. Helped teams to a shared vision of the project goals kept the team on the assigned track. Served as a customer and inter-departmental liaison. Wrote proposals, functional specifications, developed project plans and design documentation. Worked with technical writers to produce documentation that is clear and focused. Worked as a key contributor in architecture, design and development. Worked on all phases of software product lifecycles.


CMSS clients and projects include:


OUTERLINK CORPORATION: PocketPC .NET application development.

POLYMORF CORPORATION: .NET Dry-cleaning application development.

OUTERLINK CORPORATION: Windows CE-based Satellite Transceiver development and team lead.

GENERAL EASTERN: Windows CE-based Precision Hygrometer development.

PITNEY-BOWES: Windows CE-based Postage Meter development and project lead.

INTERNET CLASS: Wireless Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and test tools development.

SEACHANGE INTERNATIONAL: Hierarchical storage area network for streaming video.

CADEC: Windows CE Wireless fleet management system.

EMPIRIX: Multi-mode switch and router load testing software.

WIRED EMPIRE: Internet bulk mail delivery tools and team lead.

BIOTAGE: Robotic parallel HPLC development.

EZENIA': Videoconferencing MCU/Gateway development and UI enhancement.

CEREP: Extraction from instrument data files, data normalization and Chemical Information Systems.

NEUROGEN: Artificially intelligent pharmaceutical discovery system; Synthesis, Purification and HTS in an FDA environment.

WILDFIRE COMMUNICATIONS: Porting Speech-based PBX from UNIX to Windows NT.

PICTURETEL: Videoconferencing software design and development.

CRAFTSMAN DATA SYSTEMS: Reliable serial file transfer software.

XEROX IMAGING SYSTEMS: InstallShield programming for OCR application software.

BBN: Macintosh to Windows porting of Gateway and server management software.

NESTOR: Document imaging and OCR indexing application software.

DATA GENERAL CORPORATION: Client/Server imaging application development and project management.

NEW ENGLAND BUSINESS SYSTEMS: Accounting data file conversion.

BLACK DIAMOND CONSULTING: High-performance image warping and morphing library.

LANCORP: UNIX Motor Vehicle Registration distributed application development and team lead.


SSERACOR: HPLC for Gelatin Chromatography process optimization and scale-up.

OPERA SYSTEMS: OS/2 hierarchical storage management.

DYNAMICS RESEARCH CORPORATION: Logistics Expert System design and development.

BIOTAGE: Control, calibration and DSP code for multi-stream UV photo spectrometer.

SYMBIO SYSTEMS: Laboratory instrument data file format reverse engineering.

TASC: Real-estate Multiple Listing Service (MLS) reporting and CMA package.

DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION: Performance modeling and system sizing application.

WEATHER SYSTEMS INCORPORATED: Broadcast weather imagery animation.

EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY: Lotus Notes document imaging and hierarchical storage management.

LOTUS DEVELOPMENT: Object-oriented API automated test tool development and team lead.

WANG FEDERAL SYSTEMS: Secure imaging and network storage application.

LOTUS DEVELOPMENT: GUI spreadsheet development.



Co-founded X Technology Corporation (XTC.) Served as VP of Engineering and a key contributor to the development of X Windows servers for high-end graphics co-processors. XTC produced servers for SCO, BSD and XENIX.



Worked as a consultant and contract programmer for The Systems Group, New Boston Systems and The Registry contract agencies.


PENCEPT (1983 - 1984)

Developed software for real-time handprint recognition. Worked on a team that coined the phrase "Pen Computing" and after a series of acquisitions became the core of the Wang Freestyle group.


COMPUTER DEVICES, INC. (1980 - 1983)

Engineered hardware and software for portable thermal printing terminals and portable PCs. Projects included real-time control and ROM BIOS development.



Designed hardware and software products for expanding the KIM-1 single-board computers. Duties also served a technical editor for Micro Magazine. Micro was an early hobbyist magazine dedicated to 6502-based personal computers.



Designed hardware and software for clinical chemistry instruments.



Undergraduate and Graduate coursework EE/CS.



Undergraduate coursework EE/CS.



College preparation with advanced independent study in Computer Science/Math



Available upon request.