R Keith Beal

701 Paseo Westpark

Irvine, CA 92606

(603) 391-2847 Cell




v      Software Defined Radio (5 years)

v      Object-Oriented Analysis & Design / Mentoring (20+ Years)

v      Windows Vista, Windows XP / XP Embedded /  NT / 2000 / 2003 / 9x / ME, Windows CE 2, 3, 4, & 5, UNIX / LINUX, OS/2 Warp, DOS, CP/M

v      C/C++ (Microsoft MFC, GNU, Borland) (20+ Years)

v      C# and VB.NET (1 year)

v      Visual BASIC (10+ years)

v      Telephony: VoIP, SS7, H.320 and Call Control protocols

v      Real-time Embedded Platforms (15+ Years)

Ø       Firmware & Built in test

Ø       Real-time Control & Robotics Data Acquisition & Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Ø       Image Processing

v      Porting to and from

Ø       Windows Vista / XP / 2000 / NT / 98 / 95 / 3.1 / DOS

Ø       UNIX / LINUX

v      Intel Pentium IV / III / MMX / x86 Assembler

v      Serial Protocols: ANSI 3.64 GPIB, HDLC/SDLC, GoldBus, DIN/RNQ. (20+ years)

v      Network Protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP, SLIP, PPP, ARP, RIP, GGP, BGP, OSPF, TELNET, WHOIS, SNMP (MIBs, ASN.1), SMTP, POP3, LDAP, DNS, LU6.2 HLLAPI (15+ years)

v      Database Design and Programming with SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access, MySQL and ODBC API

v      CGI programming (7+ years)

Ø       C# and VB.NET

Ø       C/C++

Ø       AWK

Ø       VB

v      HTML / DHTML / CSS / XML

v      Device Drivers and Firmware (10+ years)

v      File Format Reverse Engineering



Other Platforms

AIX, ISIS-II, RMX-86, JTOS, RTOS, VMS, RSX-11, RSTS, MPE-3000, ISIS, GEM, TopView, XVT and C++Views

Other Databases

Raima Data Manager (db_VISTA), OCELOT, POET, FOCUS, Paradox, FoxPro, dBase and rBase

Other Languages


Assembly Languages

Pentium IV/III/II/MMX, 80x86, 1802, 8008, 8080/85, Z80, 6502, 6800, 8048, 8051 and TMS34032/32032

Other Tools

Subversion, VCS, SourceSafe, RCS, SCCS, PVCS, SED, TECO, YACC and LEX

Productivity Tools

AutoCAD, 3D Studio MAX, Visio, CorelDraw, MS Office and MS Project


Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzers, Network Analyzers

Soldering iron, wire-wrap and component-level hardware troubleshooting

Video/Audio Production Equipment

Photo/Darkroom Equipment

HF/VHF/UHF/Microwave Communications Systems


POWERWAVE TECHNOLOGIES (August 2009 – Present)

Manager of Field Test Operations: Cognitive Wireless Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANET)

While functioning as a individual contributor, managed the set-up of engineering office space, R&D lab, Network Operation Center (NOC) and customer demonstration facility. Performed site surveys, supervised electrical and networking contractors to provision multiple rooftop access points and managed the FCC licensing process.

POWERWAVE COGNITION (June 2008 – Present)

Distinguished Software Engineer: Wireless Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANET)

Worked in an Agile SCRUM environment developing a Software Defined Radio (SDR)-based Wireless  Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) network.

Participated in all phases of architecture, design and development for the platform, framework and control subsystems for a Software Defined Radio. Developed documentation and forward-engineered code using UML in Rhapsody 7.4.

Developed code for MontaVista LINUX using GNU C++ in DevRocket and Eclipse.

Developed MATLAB code for SDR bring-up and design verification. Used the MATLAB Instrument Control Toolbox to operate instruments including Vector Signal Generator (VSG) and Vector Spectrum Analyzer (VSA) for analysis, calibration and tuning.

Other tools used included Rhapsody 7.2, Subversion (Smart SVN 3), JIRA and Coverity Prevent 4.0.

AVID TECHNOLOGY (December 2007 – June 2008)

Windows Vista “Pro Audio” Application Development

Developed device management and control code for the Core Audio APIs for Windows Vista for professional media editors.

Developed code in C++ using Microsoft VisulaStudio.Net 2003 and 2008.

Other tools used included ClearCase, ClearQuest and Coverity.

MAPTECH CORPORATION (November 2006 – November 2007)

Windows XP Navigation and Vehicle Management System

Worked on a small team developing next-generation Voice and Touchscreen-based Navigation, Entertainment and Vehicle Management System for high-end Recreational Vehicles. The target systems were Windows XP and XP Embedded.

Developed a set of alpha-blended custom controls designed for touch-screen interfaces.

Developed an ActiveX/COM DirectShow component for Video Preview and Still Capture and Playback.

Developed an embedded-browser-based mail client using a MAPI back-end.

Worked with mapping and navigation SDKs including ESRI and Tele Atlas.

Developed code to encapsulate XML-based Web Services Weather forecasts.

Developed and enhanced Yahoo! Widgets using JavaScript.

Developed code in C++ using Microsoft VisulaStudio.Net 2005.

OUTERLINK CORPORATION (June 2006 – October 2006)

Windows CE Systems / Embedded Application Development

Developed an iPAQ Pocket PC-based user interface to Satellite Communications transceivers and GPRS connections. Developed code in C++ and C# using eVC 4.0 and VisualStudio.NET 2005. Integrated TomTom navigation software using C#.

POLYMORF CORPORATION (May 2006 – June 2006)

Windows .NET Porting

Worked on porting code from the Progress 4GL to Microsoft .NET. Developed UI code in VB.NET. Developed code for business rules and database access in C#. Developed code using Visual Studio.NET 2005.

Developed automated unit test code using NUnit.

OUTERLINK CORPORATION (March 2004 – May 2006)

Windows CE Systems / Embedded Application Development

Lead a small team of hardware and software engineers and technicians developing a satellite burst transceiver. Worked with outside contractors and vendors. Developed specifications, prepared schedules and reviewed designs.

Developed UI and multithreaded and multiprocess real-time control code for a WinCE.Net-based Satellite Terminal and Mobile Router. Developed code using Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) in the Visual C++ 6.0 and eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0 environments. Developed TCP/IP and UDP interprocess communications.

Developed code to support web-based configuration and management of the Satellite Terminal.

Customized WinCE.Net 4.2 and 5.0 using Microsoft WinCE.Net Platform Builder 4.2 and 5.0. Developed code for Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) coding and modulation.

Assisted in specification and hardware design of an FPGA-based Satellite MODEM. Debugged and enhanced VHDL for Altera Cyclone FPGAs using Quartus II 4.2 and 5.0.

Reviewed schematics and debugged prototype hardware using Oscilloscopes, Frequency Counters and Spectrum Analyzers.

Interfaced a variety of GPS receivers using NMEA as well as Trimble, Zodiac and SiRF binary GPS protocols.

GENERAL EASTERN INC. (September 2002 – November 2003)

Windows CE Systems / Embedded Application Development

Developed User Interface and real-time image processing code for industrial automation applications. Developed code using Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) in the Visual C++ 6.0 and embedded Visual C++ 3.0 environments. Ported Windows CE to custom environments using Microsoft Windows CE Platform Builder 3.0.

Developed and maintained PCI device drivers using the Jungo WinDriver Toolkit. Developed I2C control for CCD Camera. Developed image processing routines for region of interest, histogram, statistics and feature extraction. Developed image processing code for the Microchip PIC using High-Tech PICC-18. Assisted in electronic design and debugging at the component level. Developed driver code for high speed RS-232, RS-485 and Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP.)

PITNEY-BOWES INC. (August 2001 - March 2002)

Windows CE Systems / Embedded Application Development

Designed and development of code for the user interface and real-time control of next-generation mailing machines. Developed Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) code in the eMbedded Visual C++ 3.0.environment. Built Windows-CE 3.0 environments using Platform Builder 3.0. A parallel project was maintained for Windows 2000 environment using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 in the Microsoft VisualStudio environment. Design documents were written using Microsoft Word 2002 and illustrated with Microsoft Visio 2002 Enterprise. All source code and documents were managed using Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 5.0 Enterprise.

INTERNET CLASS INC. (July 2001 - October 2001)

Network Protocol and Performance Tuning Tool Design

Participated in the design of an improved Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) for Wireless Internet. Designed tools for performance testing specific bandwidth and error rates using TCP, UDP and ICMP. These tools and were designed to allow testing various algorithms and to provide training data for adaptive algorithms. The code provides simulations to generate training data to optimize Neural Networks. The code was developed for WINSOCK and for portability via POSIX compatibility using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0.

SEACHANGE INTERNATIONAL (April 2001 - June 2001)

Streaming Video Hierarchical Storage Management

Worked on the conversion of an Automated Archive for Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) of Streaming Video from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2000. Replaced OTG DiskExtender with Windows 2000 Remote Storage Service (RSS) and Removable Storage Manager (RSM.) Developed code for a Windows 2000 System Service to multiplex RSS configurations. The code was developed using Microsoft Visual C++.

CADEC (January 2001 - April 2001)

Windows CE Systems / Application Development

Designed and developed code for a Windows-CE 2.12 based onboard computer component of a wireless fleet management product. Code was developed using Windows 2000 Microsoft, Visual C++ 6.0 and Microsoft Embedded Tools and Microsoft Embedded Platform Builder.

Provided mentoring in Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) programming. Other tools used included Microsoft Word, Excel, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 5.0, SourceGear's SourceOffSite, Rational's ClearQuest and Lotus Notes.

EMPIRIX (October 2000 - January 2001)

Switching and Remote Access Test Equipment Design and Development

Participated in the design and development of a performance/stress testing system for Remote Access Servers (RRAS) devices. Designed and evaluated custom route control mechanisms to override OSPF EGP/BGP routing in multi-route test environments using custom and WINSOCK APIs. Worked with NMS SS7 hardware and libraries.

Converted GUI report application for command-line and client-server use. The code used Crystal Reports 8.0 report engine (CRPE and PEPlus) APIs. Code was developed using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 in the VisualStudio and command-line environment.

WIRED EMPIRE (June 2000 - September 2000)

Internet Mail Tool Development

Designed and developed tools for e-mail address verification and mail client/server profiling. Developed code for Domain Name Service (DNS), Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Simple Mail Transfer Protocols (SMTP) and Finger protocols. The LDAP code uses the LDAP API. The DNS, SMTP and Finger code uses Windows Sockets WINSOCK API. Developed database code using Microsoft SQL Server through ODBC.

The HTML open detection code logs the mail client type. The code was developed as a Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS Active Server Page (ASP) in VBScript using Active Data Objects (ADO.).

BIOTAGE (August 1996 - June 2000)

Windows NT Real-time Process Control and Data Acquisition

Team lead, designed and developed real-time process control and data acquisition software for the Parallex and Flex High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) system for combinatorial chemistry. Developed multi-threaded real-time code for Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0. Developed serial communications for single and multi-drop robot control interfaces. Developed ODBC database access code for data logging. Developed Digital Signal Processing (DSP) code using multirate Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filtration. Developed DSP code for the Pentium processor. Developed code to write netCDF (ANDI) files. Developed code using Microsoft Visual C++ 4.1 and 6.0. Developed serial communications using Greenleaf COMM++ 3.0.

Developed an application to map DDE to Win32 events for communication with legacy software. Developed code in Microsoft Visual BASIC 5.0 and 6.0.

Developed database maintenance utilities. The code was developed using Microsoft Access 97 and 2000.

EZENIA' (February 2000 - March 2000)

Videoconferencing MCU/Gateway Development

Modified and enhanced Windows NT Services for a Videoconferencing MCU/Gateway.

Modified ISAPI Extensions for Web-based Server and Conference management.

Merged multiple H.320 and T.120 protocol stacks.

Modified and enhanced code using Microsoft Visual C++.

CEREP INC. (November 1998 - January 1999)

Chemical Information System Design and Automated Data Collection

Designed and developed automated import of laboratory data into a Chemical Information System (CIS.) Participated in the design of the CIS. Developed a Windows NT Service to watch one or more directories and pass newly created files to automated import programs. Developed code in Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0.

Developed instrument-specific automated import programs to extract, normalize and store the data in the CIS. Processed data from Packard Instruments TopCount Microplate Scintillation & Luminescence Counter, PerSeptive Biosystems CytoFlour Series 4000 Multi-Well Plate Reader and Molecular Devices SPECTRAmax PLUS Microplate Spectrophotometer. Developed code in Microsoft Visual BASIC 5.0.

NUEROGEN CORPORATION (July 1997 - September 1997)

Combinatorial Chemistry Synthesis Automated QC

Designed a system of programs for automated Quality Control (QC) of reagents and compounds for a combinatorial synthesis lab. The application processes data from HP ChemStation and Perkin-Elmer TurboChrom.

WILDFIRE COMMUNICATIONS (April 1997 - September 1997)

UNIX-to-Windows NT Porting

Worked on the port of the Wildfire a speech-recognition PBX from Novell UNIXware to Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server. Duties focused on encapsulation of thread, process and synchronization objects. Also worked on encapsulation and porting of interprocess communication. Developed code using Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0. Worked with NMS SS7 hardware and libraries.

PICTURETEL (April 1996 - September 1996)

Videoconferencing Software Design and Development

Worked with the design and development team for the next generation of the LiveLAN-V Internet-based Videoconferencing products. Design requirements included compliance with ITU H.320 Videophone and T.120 Application Sharing families of standards. Developed user interface code using Visual BASIC 3.0 and 4.0. Provided Object Linking and Embedding (OLE 2) and Component Object Model (COM) design consulting.

Developed 16-bit and 32-bit ActiveX (OCX) controls for videoconferencing using Microsoft ActiveMovie. Developed custom controls using Visual C++1.52c and Visual C++ 4.1.


Windows Serial Communications Design and Development

Developed a file transfer package for MODEM-based file transfer. The prototype was developed in Visual BASIC and the final version in Visual C++1.52 using the Greenleaf COMM++ 2.0 class library. The client and server run under Windows, Windows 95 and Windows NT. A client periodically calls the server, sends files, receives files and maintains an activity log. The server handles client requests and maintains an activity log.


Installation Program Development

Completed and debugged InstallShield-based set-up program for the TextBridge Pro package for Windows 95 and Windows NT.

BBN (April 1995 - May 1996)

Macintosh to Windows Porting

Designed and developed a Windows version of the FronttDoor management software for the BBN Internet Server. FrontDoor provides a GUI to allow non-technical users to manage UNIX accounts, mailing lists, news feeds, newsgroups and complete Gopher and WWW server management.

Developed code in Visual BASIC 3.0 and 4.0 using a variety of custom controls including the DevSoft IPPort VBX and OCX for TCP/IP. Developed and integrated context-sensitive help using the Microsoft Help Compiler 3.1. Developed the setup kit using the Microsoft Setup Wizard 1.1.

Assisted in the port of the FrontDoor Internet server management software for the BBN Internet Server. Ported code from ThinkC 1.3 to Windows. Converted MacTCP-based class library to WINSOCK. Developed code using Borland C++ 4.5.

NESTOR (March 1995 - April 1995)

Document Processing Application Design and Development

Developed user interface code for a document processing system with Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Developed code using Visual C++1.52 and 2.1 for Windows and Windows NT.

DATA GENERAL CORPORATION (December 1994 - March 1995)

Client/Server Imaging Application Design and Development

Designed and developed the client portion of a Client-Server Imaging application. The application provides high-volume scanning and indexing capabilities. After scanning a batch of documents the user can define the indexing procedures including Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and bar-code Recognition (BCR) and post-processing. Once the form layout and indexing rules are defined the indexing process is completely automatic. The code was developed In VisualBASIC 3.0 using Diamond-Head Software's ImageBASIC.

NEW ENGLAND BUSINESS SYSTEMS (September 1994 - November 1994)

Accounting Data File Conversion Design

Architected and designed a class hierarchy for developing data file conversion tools for popular accounting software to the OneWrite Plus for Windows. The architecture is based on the Object Windows Library (OWL) framework and an ODBC class library. Developed code using Borland C++.


Multi-Media Tool Development

Developed a library of high-performance DIB transformation functions for use with WinG in the Win32 (Windows NT and Windows 95) environments. Ported 16-bit MASM 5.1 code to 32-bit Win32 code as _asm blocks in C++ functions using Visual C++2.0.

LANCORP (July 1994 - November 1994)

UNIX Client/Server Design and Development

Developed C++ classes to implement client-server transaction processing systems. This system emulates a legacy system and replaces connections to a single terminal-server with TCP/IP connections to a network of distributed servers. The servers employ dynamic load-balancing based on network proximity and load. Developed code for AIX using GNU C++.

APPLICATION SYSTEMS CORPORATION (January 1994 - February 1994)

Windows Graphics Server Design and Development

Designed and developed a DDE server to embed links to TIFF image archives into the window of an off-the-shelf terminal emulator. Developed code in Visual BASIC 3.0 using the AccuSoft Image Library custom control. Developed Reflections 2 macros to invoke DDE server functions

SEPRACOR (October 1993 - December 1994)

Windows Porting and MFC Development, Data Acquisition and Control

Developed custom controls for laboratory instrumentation. Developed MFC "wrappers" for custom controls. Developed user interface code using Visual C++.

Architected, designed and implemented scheduler, device managers and device drivers for an embedded diskless PC-based controller. The controller operates a variety of laboratory instruments for protein separation process optimization. Protocols included GPIB, GoldBus and RNQ. Interfaced to ADAC A/Ds using the ADLIB library. The controller interfaces to the UI by archiving and dearchiving objects over a TCP/IP connection. The object-oriented architecture and design were implemented in Visual C++ using MFC 2 for Windows and DOS, FTP Software’s PC/TCP and the Greenleaf COMM++ 2.0 serial communications class library.

Early research included porting existing DR GEM code for device control to a Windows DLL. and VxD. Developed VxD in 80386 assembler.

OPERA SYSTEMS (March 1993 - July 1993)

OS/2 Storage Server Development

Converted a prototype Mass Storage Subsystem from OS/2 1.2 to OS/2 2.0. Maintained OS/2 1.x product code with MSC 6.0. Ported and developed new code to Borland C++ for OS/2. Developed XVT-based user interface code to the db_VISTA database.


Windows Expert System Design and Development

Participated in an object-oriented analysis and design of a Microsoft Windows-based manpower training and maintenance cost expert system. Developed prototype code using ToolBook 1.5. Developed code using Borland C++ for CommonView 3 using the Object Designer CASE tool. Developed database code using the RAIMA Data Manager (db_VISTA.)


Windows Real Estate Multiple Listing Service System Design and Development

Participated in an object-oriented analysis and design of a Microsoft Windows-based Real Estate Multiple Listing Service application. Developed code in Borland C++ 3.1. Worked with the Drover Professional Toolkit for Windows. Designed and developed transaction-oriented heterogeneous collection using OCELOT SQL

DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION (February 1992 - August 1992)

Performance Modeling and System Sizing Application Development

Developed a sales tool in Microsoft Visual BASIC. The application allows a sales support engineer to enter data about departments, groups, requirements policy and existing systems and suggests a system or systems that satisfy the requirements. The system uses Microsoft EXCEL to produce charts through DDE. The database uses dBase files with Q+E through DDE.

WEATHER SYSTEMS INCORPORATED (December 1991 - October 1992)

Weather Information System Development

Converted an Actor-based prototype of the Weather Windows application to Microsoft Visual BASIC. Features include loop animation, color palette manipulation, DDE server capability and context-sensitive help. Developed DLLs in C++ using Microsoft C/C++ 7.0 and ported to Borland C++ 3.1.

EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY (July 1991 - January 1992)

Imaging Systems Design and Development

Participated in the Analysis and Design of the Image-Enabled Notes add-in for Lotus Notes. Developed code in C++ using Zortech C++ 3.0 and CNS/Views. Developed code using the Lotus Notes API tool kit.

WANG LABORATORIES (September 1991 - November 1991)

Imaging Application Design and Development

Developed code for an imaging application for medical records tracking. Developed code in Microsoft Visual BASIC using the Wang OPEN/image Windows Tool kit..

LOTUS DEVELOPMENT (May 1991 - June 1991)

Graphical User Interface Spreadsheet Design and Development

Enhanced the functionality and performance of the Lotus Spreadsheet for Tandy DeskMate.

PAUL REVERE INSURANCE (March 1991- April 1991)

MS-Windows and MEWEL Development

Developed code to support MS-Windows-based insurance illustration package Code was developed using WindowsMaker-Pro 3.1 and ported to MEWEL in the DOS environment. Debugged code using Soft-ICE and Bounds-Checker.

WANG LABORATORIES (November 1990 - March 1991)

MS-Windows Database API Development

Developed code to support MS-Windows bases client API for an object-oriented database server. The API makes asynchronous RPC requests to a UNIX-based server. Code was developed using the MS-Windows 3.0 SDK, the Netwise RPC Tool and MSC 6.0.

WANG LABORATORIES (September 1990 - November 1990)

UNIX-Based Object-Oriented Database System Server Development

Developed code to support multi-processed object-oriented database server. The server process receives requests through code generated by the Netwise RPC Tool. The server control process mediates between asynchronous RPC requests and multiple child processes. Shared-memory was used as the IPC between parent and child process due to the volume of data involved. Code was developed using SCO Open Desktop and UNIX System V/386. The database was implemented using db_VISTA.

WANG LABORATORIES (April 1990 - September 1990)

MS-Windows-Based Image Management System Design and Development

Responsible for all phases of development for a secure document management system for the Department of State. The application uses Wang OPEN/image for Windows. The database is db_VISTA 3.12. The database was distributed over the Banyan VINES network. Developed code under MS-Windows 3.0 using MSC 6.0.

LOTUS DEVELOPMENT (November 1989 - April 1990)

Object-oriented API Automated Test Tool Design and Development

Designed and developed a rule-based data-driven automated test tool for an object-oriented API for 123/G product family. Developed code under OS/2 Presentation Manager. The database was Gupta SQLBase.

LOTUS DEVELOPMENT (February 1989 - October 1989)

Graphical User Interface Spreadsheet Design and Development

Developed User Interface code for GUI Spreadsheet. Developed screen drawing and input parsing code for the Lotus Spreadsheet for Tandy DeskMate. Developed code in 8086 Assembler.

RAILSTAR CONTROL TECHNOLOGY (July 1988 - February 1989)

MS-Windows Design and Development - Satellite Communications

Assisted in a re-write of the user interface to a satellite-based fleet management system. This MS-Windows based system displays maps with icons representing the position of vehicles. Sensor data collected at the vehicle is also processed and displayed. The application makes extensive use of DDE and multi-processing and can be distributed across a NETBIOS-compatible LAN. The code was developed using the MS-Windows SDK 2.1 and MSC 5.1. Code was debugged using Soft-ICE, SYMDEB, and CodeView for WINDOWS.

MASSTECK, INC. (March 1988 - June 1988)

MS-Windows Design and Development - Printed Circuit Layout

Completed the port of a Printed Circuit board layout package to the MS-Windows environment. Added context-sensitive help system. Developed code in MSC 5.0 and 8086 Assembler. I used the MS-Windows SDK 2.1 and SYMDEB.

AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL (October 1987 - March 1988)

Distributed Database Development

Worked on design and development of a set of cooperating applications to keep a PC LAN database and a mainframe database in synchronization. The PC LAN project used PC/ATs, 3Com 3Stations, 3Servers, and 3Share software. The LAN database was implemented using db_VISTA and MSC 5.0.

ZIFF-DAVIS (April 1987 - October 1987)

Consulting and Contract Programming

Debugged and enhanced PC software for a proprietary family of Ethernet protocols. Worked on interfacing a high-resolution scanner and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for data compression. Worked on de-compression and resolution conversion for display stations.

Developed code in MSC 4.0 and C-callable assembler. Used ExoLAN LANalyzer and HP logic analyzer.

HONEYWELL INFORMATION SYSTEMS (February 1987 - March 1987)

Consulting and Contract Programming

Developed utilities for an enhanced version of MS-NETWORKS. Developed file and print server registration and connection file maintenance utilities. Developed code in MSC 4.0.

Developed prototype user registration to support the development of a secure file server on the DPS6. Developed code in MOD400 C.

HONEYWELL INFORMATION SYSTEMS (August 1986 - February 1987)

Operating System Architect

Developed and documented architecture of the Presentation Services for a major new operating system. The primary goal was to develop an architecture to support both intelligent workstations and terminals in a consistent way.

IMAGRAPH (March 1986 - July 1986)

Graphics Device Driver Development - GSS*VDI

Worked on a two-man consulting team to develop GSS-VDI device drivers for several different IMAGRAPH video boards. Developed code in Lattice C v2.13 and 8086 assembler.

WANG LABS (February 1986 - August 1986)

Software Quality Assurance Consultant

Assisted in the development of a software quality assurance plan for a CGI graphics system. The QA program for the package included a dBase II application to automatically generate test batch files to test every supported configuration. This part of the project was to qualify device drivers.

Developed test programs and tested Language Bindings for 8086 Assembler, Microsoft CBASIC, and C.

Developed GSS-CGI Device Drivers for two prototype display adapters. This code was developed in 8086 assembler, and Lattice C 2.15.

IMAGRAPH (January 1986 - February 1986)

ROM BIOS Emulation

Developed a MS-DOS installable device driver and high-performance IBM-PC ROM BIOS emulator. The hardware consisted of a HITACHI 63484 ACRTC and a Megabyte of video RAM, writeable color palette, and memory mapping hardware. Developed ROMable code in 8086 assembler.

CODEX CORPORATION (November 1985 - February 1986)

MS-Windows Development - Network Management

Provided design consulting for a PC/AT-based network management product family. Designed and implemented performance tests for MS-Windows. Developed MS-Windows application programs in MSC 3.0 and 8086 Assembler.

Taught classes in "Using PC-DOS", "MS-Windows Programming", and "Advanced C Programming". Developed class outlines, handouts, and sample programs.

Wrote position papers on programming style and human factors.


Real-time Control and Data Acquisition

Designed and developed software to support development of an X-Ray Lithography system. Selected development hardware and software. Developed interface library software for DMA-driven analog and digital I/O, Microstepper Servo Control system, GPIB controller, and LASER Interferometer.

Documented the overall software design and presented a complete design presentation for a design review board.

Developed a multi-tasking scheduler and implemented it in C. Developed an interactive multi-tasking environment using the Instant-C development environment. Developed code in 8086 assembler and C. Used Instant-C interactive C environment.

Taught classes in "C Programming", "Using Debugging Aids", and "Using Development Tools" to the engineering staff.


Network Development

Participated in all phases of specification, design, and implementation of departmental system based on a local area network with one or more high-performance minicomputers and various micro and supermicro workstations (Columbia, PC, XT, AT). Served on corporate-wide SNA LU6.2 (APPC) design task team.

Designed several minicomputer-resident server components including; Name Server, Disk Server, and Application Server. The Disk Server included dynamic allocation and record locking.

Designed management utilities for configuration, resource management, error management, and interface to OS billing system.

Selected periodicals and texts for the project library. Recommended development hardware and software. Designed most PC-resident elements of a layered LAN architecture. Set-up a complete lab network with network debugging aids and performance monitoring system.

Developed a message facility and terminal emulation. Implemented PC-resident Layered Software including: Device Driver, Transport Functions, Session Management, and Presentation level routines. Developed User Registration and Application Server functions. Implemented an IBM SNA LU6.2 subset. Developed Software in: 8086 Assembly Language, BASIC, C, and PASCAL.

Consulted on UNIX workstation project using GSS-drivers. Evaluated UNIX business applications for performance and Ergonomic factors.

Consulted on MS-Windows port to Honeywell microsystem 6/10. Evaluated porting effort.

Evaluated GSS-drivers and GSS-tool kit on OEM PC-compatibles.

MIKO (July 1983 - November 1983)

Firmware Development

Designed software for a multi-processor lap computer using an 80C88 and an 80C51 as an I/O processor. Software included an PC-compatible ROM BIOS and MS-DOS 2.0 I/O Section. Implemented 8051 code for driving LCD display controller. Implemented keyboard controller using the 8051 for keyboard scan and decode.

PENCEPT (March 1983 - August 1983)

Senior Software Engineer

Ported AI development system from PDP-11 running RSX-11 to a MassComp MC600 68000-based UNIX environment. Converted RATFOR and Mark Williams C to standard UNIX C. Interfaced digitizing tablets to MC600.

COMPUTER DEVICES, INC. (March 1980 - March 1983)

Senior Software Engineer

Participated in all phases of development of an IBM-PC compatible computer including: Specification, Design, Coding, Documentation, Maintenance, Selection of Development Tools. Close cooperation with hardware designers was required throughout the development cycle. Installation of MS-DOS, Specification and design of an IBM-PC compatible BIOS, Coding testing and optimizing many BIOS functions. Prepared OEM documentation. Developed 8086 code using Intel MDS III, ICE-88A, and cross-assembler on VAX/VMS.

Installed maintained, and enhanced CP/68 (6800-based DOS) on the 1206. Developed hardware debugging aids, basic IO, and utilities. Developed code using SWTP 6800 and Motorola Exorciser.

Developed open and closed-loop stepper motor control routines, input routines for unencoded keyboards as well as basic and advanced serial communications control software for the 8051-based 2000 series printing terminals. Developed code using Intel MDS II and ICE-51.

THE COMPUTERIST / MICRO MAGAZINE (September 1979 - March 1980)

Software Engineer / Technical Editor

Projects included development of device handlers and a primitive OS for hobbyist system expansion boards. The code was written in 6502 assembler. This software was to be used for both in-house applications and as a product. Duties also included editing of articles submitted for publication for technical accuracy and size.

MED-SCIENCE ELECTRONICS (January 1978 - August 1979)

Software Engineer

Duties included maintenance and enhancement of multi-8080 Pulmonary Analysis System and design of its' replacement. This project included development of an extended-precision floating-point math library and expression parser. Developed code in 8080 assembler. Developed Intel 8048-based GPIB Talker/Listener.


References available upon request.